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The center does not turn people away when they are unable to afford treatment, and their career development program is one of the best to be offered at any of the recovery centers in the local areas. Sober Living America has greatly expanded over the last few years and now provide facilities that can offer patients with effective sober living treatments in multiple states. Secluded, yet easily assessable to necessities with all essentials provided – and more!

  • The Program Expense Ratio is determined by Program Expenses divided by Total Expense .
  • Staff will go above and beyond to ensure that my recovery began with a threat jump start.
  • Build a truly better you at Soberfits state-of-the-art residence, fully equipped with all the resources you need to support your recovery including an in-house fitness center, sauna, and steam room.
  • Something that truly sets Sober Living America aside from the alternative options in the areas they serve is that the patient does not need access to funds in order to undergo treatment at any of the apartment buildings that the company owns.

Please check with the charity directly for any questions you may have. We recognize that not all metrics and beacons equally predict a charity’s success. The percentage each beacon contributes to the organization’s overall rating depends on the number of beacons an organization has earned.

Step Program Facilitation

Some of the facilities also provide additional amenities, but no specific information on a per-facility level is offered on the company’s official website. Any patient who would like to know more about the amenities at the facility that is near their location should pay them a visit to see the apartment building for themselves and talk to the admissions staff if they would like to learn more. In our judgment-proof shelter, they found their sober family.

  • Calls to our helpline (non-facility specific 1-8XX numbers) for your visit are answered by Rehab Media.
  • While at an SLH, residents typically meet with various therapists on site and attend regular 12-step meetings as well as other recovery group meetings.
  • Truly successful addiction recovery is based on the ability to not only live substance-free, but to thrive.
  • We were founded jointly by Vanderburgh House, an operator of sober houses in Massachusetts, and Vanderburgh Communities, an organization supporting sober living and recovery home operators.
  • Drug testing performed randomly by a live-in house manager.
  • The center does not turn people away when they are unable to afford treatment, and their career development program is one of the best to be offered at any of the recovery centers in the local areas.

This beacon provides an assessment of a charity’s financial health and its commitment to governance practices and policies. The way to a sober life is a hard one — it’s normal to have doubts.

Therapies & Programs

Small organizations filing a Form 990N “e-Postcard” are not included in this data. Every organization that has been recognized as tax exempt by the IRS has to file Form 990 every year, unless they make less than $200,000 in revenue and have less than $500,000 in assets, in which case they have to file form 990-EZ. Organizations making less than $50,000 don’t have to file either form but do have to let the IRS they’re still in business via a Form 990N “e-Postcard.”

Medical Director Convicted in $110 Million Addiction Treatment … – Department of Justice

Medical Director Convicted in $110 Million Addiction Treatment ….

Posted: Fri, 11 Feb 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

We are a place for you to find peace and safety to function in a drug and alcohol free environment. Sober Living America in Charlotte, North Carolina helps families and individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction recover and begin new lives. Please know that there is help available for you and you can start fresh. State Licenses are permits issued by government agencies that allow rehab organizations to conduct business legally within a certain geographical area. Typically, the kind of program a rehab facility offers, along with its physical location, determines which licenses are required to operate legally.

Are you an Alcoholic/Addict?

Our Stand Up Friends Care seminars provide addiction awareness to college students and the general public. We serve homeless and destitute individuals seeking help with substance abuse. Most of us have known someone affected by addiction – it affects the entire family. But when funds are low or without insurance, where can they go for help? Usually by now, the family is stressed and promises have been broken. Sober Living America honors these values while carrying out various responsibilities. As a company, we provide appropriate salaries and benefits for our employees.

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Outpatient treatment is considered the lower intensity level of addiction treatment. It’s ideal for early phase addiction or lower intensity addictions. Peer group support, 12-step programs, and individual counseling may still be involved but at a lesser frequency than an intensive outpatient program. It is a good choice for someone who doesn’t need to go through a medically supervised detox and who has a supportive home environment. It requires motivation and dedication to commit to the program without constant monitoring. I come from a family of alcoholics and my brother and I inherited the gene for dependency.

Recovery Consultants-Atlanta

To families seeking help – regardless of their financial condition. Calls to our helpline (non-facility specific 1-8XX numbers) for your visit are answered by Rehab Media. Our helpline is offered at no cost to you and with no obligation to enter into treatment. We are standing by 24/7 to discuss your treatment options. Transitional housing is temporary housing halfway house for the working homeless population and is set up to transition their residents to permanent housing. In some cases,we charge our verified partner a modest cost per call, which helps us cover the costs of building and maintaining our directory. We do not receive any commission or fee that is dependent upon which treatment provider a visitor ultimately selects.

sober living america

I was lucky enough to kick the habit years ago, but unfortunately my brother had a harder time handing over the bottle. His disease progressed and his drinking escalated until he finally hit rock bottom in 2008. The problem was finding a stable, alcohol and drug free living environment proved to be a serious obstacle to his sustained abstinence. In 2009, my son and I opened the doors to Maverick House – determined to build a house that works.

We have made a bold promise to the general public — 100% of their donations would go directly to the field for housing and resources for families suffering from substance abuse. We are located in Georgia and Florida providing housing, food, recovery, and work development – regardless of their financial condition. We are non-profit community service organization that helps men woman find recovery through the 12 step fellowship and a growing relationship with God. AmericaSober believes in positive reinforcement through a strong recovery community atmosphere. We have weekly house meetings where the community comes together to share about their personal progress. Our staff is always on call to assist our clients with anything that may come up.

sober living america

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