What Is Regression Testing? Complete Guide Revised 2022

Now, the test lead sends mail to the clients and asks them that all are the impact areas that will be affected after the necessary modification have been done. Therefore, the customer will get an idea, which all features are needed to be tested again. And he/she will also send a mail to the development team to know which all areas in the application will be affected as a result of the changes and additions of new features. In the below image as we can see that we have four different modules, such as Module A, Module B, Module C, and Module D, which are provided by the developers for the testing during the first build. Now, the test engineer will identify the bugs in Module D. The bug report is sent to the developers, and the development team fixes those defects and sends the second build.

The need for regression testing comes when software maintenance includes enhancements, error corrections, optimization, and deletion of existing features. The discussion will be based on a real-world situation and will cover both manual and automated regression testing. HeadSpin’s intelligent approach toward delivering aggregation and regression testing insights helps professionals monitor, analyze, and determine the changes in the application. Testers can use it to automate tests against native, web, and hybrid mobile applications. Appium supports a wide variety of mobile platforms, making it a versatile tool for regression testing. These are some of the most famous regression testing tools available today.

What are the Regression Testing and Configuration Management?

The selection of Test Cases based on priority can greatly reduce the Regression Test suite. Regression Test selection is a method where a few selected test cases from the test suite are executed to check if the modified code affects the Software Application or not. After this, Regression Testing is carried out by selecting relevant Test Cases from the test suite that include both modified and affected parts of the code. Software maintenance is a process that includes enhancements, error corrections, feature optimizations, and deleting existing features.

definition of regression testing

In addition, regression testing in Agile offers a host of technical and business advantages. Regression testing has three most prominent implementation methods, including re-test all, regression test selection, and test case prioritization. Ensure whether your application meets the preset eligibility before the regression test execution. Changes in the code may involve dependencies, defects, or malfunctions.

Techniques for Regression Testing

Regression testing can be used not only for testing the correctness of a program but often also for tracking the quality of its output. For instance, in the design of a compiler, regression testing could track the code size and the time it takes to compile and execute the test suite cases. Finally, it may happen that, when some feature is redesigned, some of the same mistakes that were made in the original implementation of the feature are made in the redesign. Agile implementation of regression testing plays a key role in aligning the existing and updated functionalities, avoiding all possible rework in the future.

Also classified as a type of retesting, corrective regressing is suitable when, in fact, no new updates or codes are added. But since we still want to correct an anomaly, we regress the system. A smoke test, which typically precedes a regression test, only determines if the basic functionality of an application works. Acceptance testing – determines to what degree an application meets end users’ approval.

During testing, even the smallest code change can have a cascading consequence on the testing protocol. For this reason, it’s vital that the software gets thoroughly tested after one or multiple code changes to ascertain whether it still works according to expectations. This process is called regression testing and it confirms whether any existing functionality of the software has been broken or changed due to changes in code. Apache JMeter is an open-source test automation software used to load functional test behaviors and measure test performance. With a rapid regression testing process, product teams can receive more informative feedback and respond instantly. Regression testing detects new bugs early in the deployment cycle so that businesses do not have to invest in costs and maintenance efforts to resolve the built-up defects.

  • Now, the client does some modification in the requirement and also requests that the Search button can accept the 1-35 characters.
  • Assume there is an application which has a functionality to ‘Add’, ‘Save’, and ‘Delete’.
  • Here changes imply that the modification, addition, bug fixing, or the deletion.
  • And then they will check the impact area by performing the regional regression testing.
  • So, you develop those features and add them to the existing app.
  • Moreover, regression testing is a series of tests and not a single test performed whenever you add a new code.
  • With the Agile development approach, teams can gain numerous benefits and values, such as accelerated time-to-market, ROI, customer support, and product improvements.

However, it is extremely important for testers and developers to understand the big picture of the situations. Even seemingly insignificant alterations or tweaks to the code can turn the functionalities upside down. That is an undeniable benefit of regression testing – to safeguard your system. This selection of test cases from the test suite is done on the basis of the modified code. The test cases chosen are categorized into two parts such as reusable test cases and obsolete test cases. This testing is typically performed after new code has been added or modified, in order to ensure that the new code does not break existing functionality.

Selection of Regression Tests

The above method is great for bugs that seem to be “medium priority” or lower. (For more on this, see our guide on How to Prioritize Bug Fixes.) But if it’s a major issue – such as a highly reproducible crash – you’ll want to report it right away. If there are other QA testers on the team, ask for a walk-through to see https://globalcloudteam.com/ how they tackle it. If there are no other testers, you can often ask a developer for a more thorough breakdown of the functionality in each section. Regression testing is easiest when you already know the software like the back of your hand. So practically speaking, that level of familiarity isn’t always possible.

definition of regression testing

Regression Test Selection and Test Case Prioritization are combined in the hybrid technique. Select only the test cases that are re-run based on their priority, rather than the whole test suite. The test cases that are selected for re-execution are taken from the test suite.

While “Regression Testing” means verifying that an update or change is not affecting the existing product functionality. Like keeping up with any technology, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest regression testing suites too. For that purpose, always consider the functional and non-functional requirements. The high-priority and high-value test cases in the suite should always be executed first by the QA team. Watir is an open-source regression testing tool written in Ruby.

Now, you have an idea of the various regression testing services that the QA team can perform. However, in this day and age of automation, people rely on multiple tools for regression testing. Smarter IT Outsourcing Outsource time consuming and critical software componentsSmarter IT Outsourcing Achieve business goals faster by outsourcing critical software components.

Communicate any potential impacts of regression risks to stakeholders to make informed decisions about the release schedule. Use risk mitigation strategies to reduce the impact of identified risks. For example, if a particular threat could result in data loss, you could create backups to mitigate the risk. Measure or change the scale of the upgrade to determine how likely it would affect the application. If you’re not sure where to start or what order to go in, don’t worry. You can start with smoke testing, and then go deeper in each area of every feature and section.

Therefore, we can say that by testing only the changed feature is called the Unit Regression Testing. When the new build comes along with the bug fixes, the test engineer will test only the Submit button. The test lead will store the regression test case in the regression test suite for no further confusion. After the second release, the customer wants to remove one of the features like Sales. Once the acceptance testing is done, the product is moved to the production server. Once it is done, they will begin testing the old features with the help of 900 test cases to verify that adding the new feature has damaged the old features or not.

Best practices for regression testing – tips on improving your process

Checks for code changes to ensure that they do not negatively impact other features. Here are some of the tools for regression testing that help you in automating your regression test cases efficiently and quickly. Complete Regression Testing means when regression testing is done on a number of modules where the change in the code is related to the other module is uncertain. Anytime we do modify an application, we should do regression testing . With that, you can help keep projects within budget, maintain your team’s productivity, and, most importantly, prevent unexpected bugs from harming your products and your business’s bottom line. Validates code functionality while ensuring its compatibility with the existing features.

definition of regression testing

Team members must be informed of the exact number and kind of code changes to use progressive regression testing. This practice of software regression testing instills trust in the user that an application is ready to be deployed. As a result, the regression testing method is considered to be a critical component of software quality assurance.

#2. Resources

So while selecting a tool for your needs make sure the tool has the ability to update a test suite. In Agile Environments, Configuration Management in the regression testing becomes critical where code is frequently changed. If false positives are not properly handled, they can cause significant problems, such as wasted time and resources investigating bugs that don’t actually exist. It is also important to consider the impact of false positives when automation is used for regression testing.

Software regression testing techniques

There must be a system in place for the greatest possible results from test automation. Manual tests are more expensive since they have to be run again and again and again, and each time they have to be done in the exact same sequence of entries. Here, issues that are claimed to have been resolved are expressly retested. Human-like actions are precisely replicated by Rational Functional Tester, an automated technology. Scriptworks is developed for scalable and repeatable automated test packs that can meet the needs of today’s ever-changing environment. Regression testing for environments and software is provided by QTP.

Step 3. Outline which tests can be automated

Talking about assessing all aspects of regression testing, let’s get ourselves familiar with the challenges that come along with it. Simform is under review for a CMMI Level 3 company and ISO certification, indicating that our processes, procedures, and methods are standardized and performing at a defined level. It makes sure that any bug fix or enhancement that is carried out does not impact the existing functionality of the product.

Test cases for regression testing are different than those for smoke testing. Test cases explain the behavior that’s expected from any given interaction with the app or website. When QA has a detailed list of steps to test, it ensures that important areas aren’t getting left definition of regression testing out. Python and R are both powerful coding languages that have become popular for all types of financial modeling, including regression. These techniques form a core part of data science and machine learning where models are trained to detect these relationships in data.

Corrective regression testing is a suitable option when there is no change in your application’s source code. You want to check if the current system is working correctly, and therefore, you will test the existing functionalities and their related test cases instead of writing new ones. The client is happy with the first build but wants some extra features. So, you develop those features and add them to the existing app.

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